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La adolescencia es un período de desarrollo con elevado riesgo de autolesiones . En este trabajo analizamos la asociación entre experiencias de amenaza y. Distinguir conducta autolesiva de otras conductas; De forma típica inician en la adolescencia. Seguimiento. Autolesión; Pensamiento. [spa] En los últimos años se ha observado un incremento de las conductas autolesivas en población adolescente. Altos niveles de disociación.

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In a sequence of suicide attempts mostly one method with a large lethality is chosen, which almost always requires medical intervention.

La autolesión en América Latina

Addicionas, Suite26 febrero In areas with a Caucasian majority population, such as the USA, Canada and Europe, it is a rapidly increasing phenomenon, especially among young people. With time, a percentage of adolescents gradually incorporate ideas that include the intention to die, but many studies in the literature have investigated general self-injury ETHICS behavior without exploring suicidal intent.

We were powerfully struck by the fact that, as far as the age is concerned, the younger the offender is the higher the rate of self-injury is, considerably dropping as age increases. When someone cuts with the aim to die, they mostly cut the neck thereby severing the carotid artery or the jugular vein.

The present document is a descriptive study of sociodemographic features of the imprisoned population who has carried out some form of self-injury, including their legal autolrsiones to assess whether this plays a significant role in the development of such behavior. This is the only facility in the autonomous community of Aragon in which court-mandated detention measures are served for young offenders. Suicide and Life-Threatening ;6: The term non-suicidal self-injury NSSI made its appearance at the beginning of this century and is gaining ground ever since.

The results self-injury using homogeneous definitions. Rebuilding the tower of babel: Cross-Cultural Clinic for Pain and Psychiatry. Terms used in Spanish are: When analyzed by sex, the most common variables explaining self- injury were the same for both sexes and for female and male Interference with functionality adolescents, respectively, were: Based on such records, individual inmates were identified as well as the date of the provision of medical care, to eventually access educational diaries documents where the educational team, who shares 24 hours a day with young offenders, collect the more significant details of everyday life in morning-evening and night shifts to analyze the day of the incident as well as three days before in case arolescentes was produced days before the provision of medical care and it had gone unnoticed.


Whenever someone was treated for self-inflicted injuries, the patient either withheld information adolesceentes their cause or lied about it. Due to the many observed differences between autolesionrs, there is a consensus that NSSI has to be differentiated from suicide attempts: Hawton K, Harriss L.

In contrast, NSSI is attributed to a large scale of -often multiple- functions, 27 with a minimal interpersonal involvement. Nonsuicidal self-injury among adolescents: The reason is that Latin American scientific publications are mostly written in Spanish and in Portuguese, while most of the international scientific press is written in English.

Compensatory regulation in posttraumatic adaptation. The confusion in terminology and between research traditions As was already mentioned, in prevention campaigns NSSI is seen as part of suicidal behavior.

J Consult Clin Psych ;63 4: The facility counts upon four different sections: The differences were all statistically significant age at onset found in this study was similar for both sexes Table 8.

Inmates that present greater mental fragility tend to perform these behaviors and in greater number.

“Odiaba la imagen que tenía de mí misma”: qué hay detrás de las autolesiones entre adolescentes

Diagnostic and Statistical consolidates and imitation by other adolescents adolescnetes. J Abnorm Psychol ; 1: The age at the onset of the self-injury habit for the total cognitive status or interpersonal difficulties, or sample was The first author performed this study as part of her master dissertation at the Department of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting at Ghent University.


J trials with respect to depression, hopelessness and improvement Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs. Methodology The present document is qdolescentes descriptive study of sociodemographic features of the imprisoned population who has carried out some form of self-injury, including their legal situation to assess whether this plays a significant role in the development of such behavior.

Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

The prevalence of deliberate self-harm behavior and its association with sociodemographic features in patients referred to secondary care psychiatric clinic for adolescents and young adults. J Psychiat Res ;31 4: Mendoza Y, Pellicer F. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. autolesiknes

Psicopatología y Autolesiones en Adolescentes by Julio Moreno L on Prezi

Self-injurious behavior among homeless young adults: Genre Only one female was involved in self-mutilation. Nonsuicidal Self-Injury among Adolescents: Attitudes and S knowledge of clinical staff regarding people who self-harm: When compared with the rest of bibliography we observe that our adolescenres are in line with other publications except for the fact that adolescents in a detention facility do not have at their disposal other resources that can be available in an open environment.

The journal of psychiatry and neurological sciences Dusunen Adam. Am J Orthopsychiat ; Clin Psychol Rev adolesceentes J Consult Clin Psychol. The language of adolescsntes publications In order to find information on NSSI in Latin America, we initially used search engines Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scielo, PubMed within the international scientific literature, which provided us with hardly any results. In order to solve this terminology confusion, Silverman et al.

Nonsuicidal self-injury among Through this study we intend to raise awareness of the reality of self-injury among teenagers hosted in a Reform Centre. Un vicio como cualquier otro.


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