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“Father Arseny, – Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father • Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses.” American Journal of Psychiatry, (12), pp. – Father Arseny’s tale is the saga of an individual who lived out his priestly vows and ideals while subjected to some of history’s most focused malignity. Through. Father Arseny ran to Sazikov and begged him, “Help! Please help, Ivan Alexandrovich! They are cutting people up. There is blood everywhere.

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He saw blood on people, he heard screams, swearing, and moans, and his soul was full of pain for their suffering. I read this book slowly but I am so glad I did.

We Have Tomorrow Many discovered for the first time that not only was there no clash between faith in God and scientific knowledge but that in fact the two went hand in hand.

It is a powerful, life-changing testimony. Father Arseny teaches me to look for the spark of God in every human being because it is in each one of us. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The stories are still impactful and wonderful, if you also acknowledge a human or many people! Father Arseny ran to Sazikov and begged him, “Help! Many soldiers in the camp were evil and cruel, but even in the worst one Father Arseny saw a light inside of them, and many times we were shown how these evil men did fatber good even while at the camp.

Arsenyy other words, you claim that artistic creation, like every other expression of human life, be it social, political, cultural or spiritual, is determined by material, and indeed economic, conditions. A person could be a believer, a Communist, a criminal, or any other kind of prisoner Father Arseny always found the right words for each individual.


Piotr Andreyevich, later Father Arseny, was born in Moscow arsny and graduated from a practical high school in and the Moscow Imperial University in Father Arseny exerted an irresistible attraction on him.

I just finished reading the last page.

Read this book no matter who you are! The waves of arrests had filled the camp huts with men from all fathher of life and all kinds of educational background — army officers, clerics, scientists, actors, writers, farmers…. I asked Father Arseny once, why is this so? An event that fathher persuaded Alexei to believe in God occurred when both Father Arseny and Alexei were sent outside to be punished for petty offenses.

For many people — unfortunately including yourself, my dear professor — smother whatever is most sacred in man with fabrications and lies. Father Arseny took no part in the disputes.

Jul 24, Maria rated it really liked it. Arseny, who was imprisoned during the Stalin regime, and of his troubles and survival in one of the worst Gulag camps. May 30, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. It was a fascinating read, and very very entertaining.

Arseny (Streltzof)

But his wound festered and he had to stay in bed longer. Knives were, of course, forbidden. Father Arseny smiled and gently pushed his hand away. Ships from and sold by Amazon. What an inspiration, what a push toward God it has been for me. Many of them died… almost every evening fewer returned to the barrack-room, although others soon took their place.

Fatherr, I am not an Orthodox Christian. He would look back on the past… Without realising how, he had lost touch with ideas, or rather had replaced them with curt orders, formal circulars and bureaucratic procedures… He had become cut off from the broad masses and their real problems.

The fact that these are all letters of his life is so humbling that anyone reading it will question their best deeds as fzther. Please try again later. You would never betray anyone. Arseny took incredible abuse and won over the tormentors with the great love of Christ flowing through his life.


Read it again and again. And he rounded off with these words:. Life in the barracks was brutal.

Arseny (Streltzof) – OrthodoxWiki

Atseny Saints and Other Stories. A beautiful, inspiring, spiritually enriching story; a powerful witness to the presence and grace of God, agseny in situations of great suffering and cruelty. Arseny was imprisoned during Stalin’s most ruthless suppression of religion and transported to a gulag in Siberia where he was to spend 20 years of his life.

I highly recommend this to anyone who thinks their life is especially trying An orthodox priest experiences the nature of suffering and patience as he is tested in a Soviet concentration camp. The intro and statistics are worth the read alone. I really want to say that everyone needs to read it, but then, I honestly don’t know how much it’d mean to someone who’s not Orthodox. The criminals vather cruel.

I see now that He exists. I am thankful to those who shared their stories and the author who compiled and translated this fatuer book.

Would it be the same beautiful book it is to me? It is a challenge to the orderless order and wisdomless wisdom of this world, a challenge similar to that of the preaching of the Gospel. Mar 16, Brianna rated it it was amazing Shelves:


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