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Keratella cochlearis cochlearis (Gosse, ) · Keratella cochlearis pachyacantha Thomasson · Keratella cochlearis polaris De Smet & Bafort K.c. cochlearis: Posterior polygons are open. on lorica length vs. body width for three Keratella species and three K. cochlearis forms, click on graph below. Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, ) (Download Help) Keratella cochlearis TSN Subspecies, Keratella cochlearis punctata Myers,

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Whether the offspring has a posterior spine or not seems to depend on the number of predators in the body of water where the rotifer lives. Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

Eisgrub Ledniceartificial pool in palm house. The central coclearis curve towards the ventral surface, the next pair diverge slightly and the outer pair converge. In the main, reproduction in this species is by parthenogenesis. Pongau Unterer Bockhartsee Latitude: Bezirk Gmunden Traunsee Latitude: At the anterior end are three pairs of spines.

Search Database – Species

Arora, H C, There are two forms of this rotifer; some individuals have a long spine at the posterior end and others cochleqris not. Retrieved from ” https: Keratella cochlearis micracantha Lauterborn, Some of these develop into male rotifers.


During the remaining months of the year it gradually lengthens once more.

Flachgau Wals, Baggerteich Latitude: Keratella stipitata Ehrenberg, Bear River Refuge Latitude: Tecta females can produce typica offspring and vice versa. Gosse, P H, Main Region sorted ascending Filter. Baker, R L, Search Database – Species. Pongau Oberer Bockhartsee Latitude: Jersabek, C D, IUI Locality sorted ascending Filter. Keratella cochlearis Gosse, Valid Name: Keratella cochlearis is found worldwide in marine, brackish cochldaris freshwater habitats.

Pinzgau Lucialacke bei Niedernsill Latitude: Bog pond; Impoundment, freshwater alpine ; Impoundment, freshwater natural basin ; Impoundment, freshwater subalpine ; Lake, freshwater; Lake, freshwater alpine ; Lake, freshwater alpine, ultraoligotrophic ; Lake, freshwater dystrophic, montane ; Lake, freshwater eutrophic ; Lake, freshwater mesotrophic ; Lake, freshwater oligotrophic ; Lake, freshwater subalpine ; Lake, freshwater subalpine, eutrophic ; Lake, freshwater ultraoligotrophic ; Pond, freshwater; Pond, freshwater alpine pastureland ; Pond, freshwater alpine ; Pond, freshwater artificial ; Pond, freshwater dystrophic ; Pond, freshwater eutrophic ; Pond, freshwater fishpond ; Pond, freshwater mesotrophic ; Pond, freshwater pasture land ; Pool, freshwater; Pool, freshwater alpine pastureland ; River, freshwater; Sea; Stream backwater, fresh; Stream, freshwater mountain.

Pinzgau Neumayr-Teich, Piesenteich Latitude: Author s sorted ascending Filter. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


In this process, the female rotifer produces an unfertilised egg with a full set of chromosomes. Pinzgau Steiner Baggerteich, Piesendorf Latitude: Wels Stadt Roth, swimming pond Latitude: Daems, G;H J Dumont, Pinzgau Zeller See Latitude: It is not known why this occurs at some times keratelal not others.

Keratella cochlearis — Wikipédia

Hanh soum Chorchoi Nuur Latitude: Tennengau Voregg-Moosegg pond Bachrainer Latitude: Pinzgau Niedernsiller Badesee Latitude: World Register of Marine Species. Pinzgau Uttendorfer Badesee Latitude: Keratella cochlearis nordica Kutikova, Any body of standing water is likely to contain rotifers and Keratella cochlearis is probably the commonest keratela most widespread species in the world.

Gosse[1]. Bezirk Baden Wienersdorf, Badeteich Latitude: Keratella robusta Lauterborn, Taxon sorted ascending Filter.

Species – Search the Rotifer World Catalog

Flachgau Kladensky, swimming pond Latitude: This page was last edited kerateloa 22 Marchat Keratella cochlearis Gosse[1]. Macrophytes; Open water; Open water littoral and offshore ; Open water littoral. Pongau Schlossalm, pasture pond 4 Latitude:


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