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Cestodes in four species of euryhaline stingrays from Columbia. D’un Eutetrarhynchus (Cestode Tétrarhynque) au stade pre-adulte chez us Urolophus . se transforme purement et simplement en adulte après son transfert dans l’hôte final. A l’arrière CCro Figure Cycle de développement d’un Cestode: le. remaining preserved cestodes 4 yr later, many worms were brittle and unreceptive to stain. .. Tétrarhynque) au stade pre-adulte chez us Urolophus. ( Selachii.

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CESTODE – Definition and synonyms of cestode in the French dictionary

These findings suggest that most of the larvae had undergone inhibition of development during the drier period of aduptes year. Each month, faeces were obtained from the rectum and submitted to a quantitative parasitological examination using the McMaster modified method.

Graber recognised this parasite among native sheep of Senegal.

Weight-change analysis on sheep and goats combined. However, conflicting results have been reported elsewhere in Africa McCulloch et al, and in Europe Le Riche et al, with different types of management. No significant change was noted on liveweight between the treated groups and the control in adult adulyes ewes and rams.

Sudanese dwarf sheep Not a single F.

Control strategy in the semi-arid zone Materials and methods The experiment was carried out cestodse the Djoni village located in the Bamako country, km north-east of Bamako with an average annual rainfall ranging from – mm. Long-legged sheep and goats are found in the Sahelian regions, and the dwarf breed are found in the Sudanese region of Mali.


Meaning of “cestode” in the French dictionary

Epidemiology Materials and methods Sites of collection In order to obtain adequate numbers of samples from the animals, all collections were lew at abattoirs. Advances in Parasitology The British Veterinary Journal 5: The incidence of gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep and goats in Sukumaland, Tanzania.

The maximum egg count was observed between August and October with a peak in September. Selection of the abattoirs was based on the number of individual animals slaughtered daily and the probability of obtaining native animals from the various ecological regions of Mali.

Trichostrongylus colubriformis, Haemonchus contortus, Strongyloides papillosus, Oesophagostonum columbianumGaigeria pectinata, C.

Other species, such as Moniezia, Avitellina and Stilesia were also commonly associated with sheep and goats. There was a relatively high prevalence of G. No statistical analysis could be done of weight data lambs because of the low number of observations by the end of the experiment. Health management of a dairy herd on the Jos Plateau Nigeria.

Parasite profiles of sheep and goats from different geographic areas of Mali.

Studies of parasitic helminths of sheep and goats in Ghana. The phenomenon, as described in cattle, is commonly known to occur in sheep in temperate regions Donald et al, ; Dinneen et al, ; Michael and recently recognised in tropical Africa. Additional data are required from the dwarf sheep in aultes Sudanese region to ascertain the survival mechanisms of the parasite.

One hundred and fifty goats and 70 sheep aged from birth to 24 months were grouped at random into different age categories prior to anthelminthic treatment.


Both sheep and goats were found to be infested with identical nematode species, however, with different levels of infestation. Immature stages most of which were at an early stage of development were recorded during the dry season and, thus, probably contributed to the increase of the adult lrs during the rainy season.

William Heineman Medical Books Ltd. The more common nematodes in sheep were, in order of predominance: Bibliography Assoku K G. The epidemiology of nematode parasites of sheep in a high rainfall area of Zimbabwe. However, research is needed to ascertain the importance of the epidemiology of this parasite in Mali. Observation on the morphology and life history of Gaigeria pachyscelis, Railliet and Henry, Age distribution and the severity of infection with gastro-intestinal parasites.

No mortality was recorded. Kouyate 1S. Galgeria pachyscells Since the first report on the occurrence of the hookworm Gaigeria pachyscelis in sheep and goats in South Africa Orlepp,a wide distribution of the parasite has been reported in tropical Africa. Since effotts are being made in two ecological zones to assess the impact of mass anthelminthic treatment on production parameters such as weight and mortality.


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