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Psychologia rodziny teoria i badania [Mieczyslaw Plopa] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Publikacja jest proba przedstawienia zarowno. Praca i rodzina. Konflikt czy synergia? [Work and Family. Conflict or Synergy?] Warszawa: WydawnictwVizja Press & IT. Plopa, M. (). Psychologia rodziny. Jan M Plopa. Plopa, M. (). Psychologia rodziny. Teoria i badania. Kraków: Oficyna Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar Socjologia rodziny.

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Polskie Forum Psychologiczne

All investigated participants in dual. Comparative analysis in this matter indicated that it was reasonable to pursue this kind of research, and also gave evidence supporting the hypothesis postulated in the corresponding section of the study H1.

Polskie Forum Psychologiczne,tom 19, numer 2, s. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 5 1 Academy of Management Review, 10, When discussing mutual interactions between professional and family life, one is not to forget about the directivity of those relations. For example, long working hours can lead to a growing sense of fatigue and the spillover of job-related stress into family life, but on the other hand strona Praca i rodzina — konflikt czy synergia?

Nevertheless, it is very often emphasized in the literature of the subject that negative consequences coming from the specific character of these relationships occur as well.

Plopa, Mieczysław (1948- ).

Women, men, work, and family. A peculiar paradox underlying the experienced stress and role conflicts can be noticed, one that consists in a specific split: M.plopz addition, authors show that the complexity of analyzed interactions can also apply to factors mediating this process. So even though these relationship can in spite of all that can bring high level of satisfaction with life, a sense of happiness and self-realization, it is frequently not without a series of negative consequences, both in the area of physical health and psychical well-being, such as e.

The dual-career commuter family: What seems important then, is that partners in such relationships are able to work out for themselves some effective ways of coping with stress plus some skills to hold off various tasks and duties, as well as to support each other in difficult times and care for the quality of marital bonds, so that they can achieve success in their relationship. The analysis of empirical material presented in this study is in keeping with the dichotomous picture of dual-career marriages, burdened with rodzimy threats and negative consequences, but also supported by many satisfying areas able to counter the influence of experienced stress, tension or role conflict Kosakowska, Petrus, American Psychologist, 56, The notion of life quality was many years ago associated exclusively with financial satisfaction, determined by the possessed goods and financial resources.


As previously mentioned, the model of two-career marriages can have many assets and lead to a sense of high life quality, but it happens for the price of experiencing stress and pschologia Formulating these questions implied following research hypotheses: From both the perspective of an organization and an individual, the growth of professional and social competences is an invaluable asset stemming from the process psychologiia balancing life roles.

In the psychologai presented below it has been assumed that satisfaction with professional accomplishments and stress level can act as rodziiny variables in the link m.plopz how the participants manage to reconcile their professional and family roles and to what degree they have a sense of purpose in life. The study was conducted during and involved examining a total of couples in dual-career marriages participantsi.

Conflicts experienced between areas of work and family can also significantly impinge on the quality of marital relationships and determine tensions between partners, particularly when accompanied by mutual competition and burdening with domestic duties, as is presently the case in two-career relationships Duxbury, Higgins, ; Rostowski, Rostowska, ; Rostowska, Is managing conflict everything?

According to Popielskithe structure of a sense of purpose in life is built up of four components: These analyses are therefore worth including in the studies yet to be conducted on this subject.

Toggle navigation Polskie Forum Psychologiczne. Relation of work-family conflicts to health outcomes: Women who wish to reconcile intensive professional career with family roles often try to fulfill these roles at the expense of resting, sleeping or entertainment, which consequently can bring their mind and body to a state of emotional and physical exhaustion, and later on to lower well-being Janicka, Therefore it seemed justifiable to search for variables significantly mediating the relations between experienced role conflict, experienced stress and a sense of purpose in life.

As previously mentioned, negative psychological consequences reported by partners in dual-career relationships are coupled with a higher level of satisfaction with their lives, achievements or financial situation.


Quality of life and relations between work and family. The lack of experiences which should result from changeable and diversified roles is, as the author suggests, the largest threat that can lead to low mobility — both psychical and in life in general Gustafson, And it is not limited only to developing expert professional competences, but interpersonal and intrapersonal competences as well, where individuals get the chance to improve specific skills within themselves, e.

Analyzing this dependency could reveal whether the traditional approach to gender roles is in a way one of the reasons for experiencing tension — as opposed to those more liberal and contemporary in their outlook.

Psychologia rodziny: teoria i badania – Mieczysław Plopa – Google Books

One can wonder, then, if the obtained findings particularly apply to the first of those subtypes. No significant differences in reported levels of happiness were observed in spouses in dual-career relationships. Into the category of traditional marriages fell the relationships with an psychologa traditional division of gender roles, i.

All investigated participants psgchologia dual-career relationships had higher education, their age varied from 28 to 40 years and each marriage had at least 1 child.

The literature on the subject singles out three subtypes of these relationships — one involving a traditional division of m.olopa roles, one involving a nontraditional division of roles and one based on an ideal partnership Rostowski, Rostowska, Within the questionnaire we can single out one global scale whose result determines a generalized stress level and additionally subscales for measuring emotional tension, external stress, intrapsychic stress and a lie scale.

Zeszyty Naukowe KUL, Reported stress levels were measured with the Stress Level Questionnaire created by Plopa and Makarowski Introduction The transformations that are presently affecting the social, ethical and cultural areas of human life translate into changes in the scope of fulfilling life roles, including professional career or preferred consumption patterns.

When work and family are allies: However, the process of adapting oneself to the professional environment is not always successful, strona Academy of Management Review, 31 1 ,


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